Make a video review about Good Goods
and get a reward of 500 INR
Make a video review about Good Goods
and get a reward of 500 INR
Hello, dear member of the Good Goods testers community!

We hope that the experience of testing products in our service is interesting and enjoyable for you. And of course, we would like to hear about it. In this regard, we offer you to exchange your review in video format for a reward!

We are ready to thank you by granting 500 INR for your video feedback with the detailed description of your impressions about our service.

If you are interested, keep reading!
What are the requirements for a video?
We expect a good quality video of you sharing your impressions of using our service.
1-3 minutes
Vertical video.
Write your email address in the title of the video
Clear voice.
No background noise
What do I need to share in the video?
In the video, please tell us how you became a tester of our service and what are your impressions of the process and the goods you received.
You can show the product, which you received for testing. You can also tell about the process of receiving cashback.

If your video meets the requirements, it will be posted on our YouTube channel!
Get rewarded for your review in 3 easy steps
Make a video
Record the video according to our requirements.
Send it to us
Send it through the form below. Be sure to give the correct email address, because that's how we'll get in touch with you.
Include your email address in the title of the video.
Get rewarded
After we verify your video, we will contact you by email, which you provided in the form, and ask you for details for the reward transfer.
Fill out this form and
attach your video
Make sure that the email is correct and that the email is also included in the name of the video