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Why do brands give away goods for free?
In order to get better, it is necessary to hear an independent opinion. Our platform helps brands to gather a focus group of customers from different cities, of different ages and income.
Do I need to buy the product myself?
For a complete immersion in the testing process, we ask our members to purchase the goods on their own in online stores, but after that we refund the cost of the goods to your account. However, some products have already been redeemed for the focus group and are delivered from the brand's warehouse without making a purchase.
How am I protected against fraud?
Brands pay us in advance the cost of the product that you are testing. Our service transfers money to you immediately after the end of the test.
What are the conditions for receiving products for test?
We fully describe the conditions for receiving the goods to the participant: how to find a product in an online store, delivery conditions, what we expect from you at the end of the test. The goods are delivered to your home, where you can test them, evaluate, and give your recommendations.
Participants feedback
Everything is great! I received vitamins for a test - order was placed very quickly, and after I left a review, Good Goods sent me a cashback right on the same day. Now I'm excited to order more products.
It is a very nice and new way of getting goods for free! I like that everything is in one place, and you can always get an answer to a question from the manager in the chat. And of course - cashback returns very quickly, this is the most important thing!


I didn't find any disadvantages in the testing process - my questions were answered, managers helped me, the cashback was returned quickly. I am waiting for new, interesting products!