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Number of tests you need
Minimum amount - 20
Your product price
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What kind of reviews do
shoppers and marketplaces love?
What kind of reviews do shoppers and marketplaces love?
Extensive reviews
3 times better than short ones
Not only do marketplaces like this, but it also gives you full-fledged feedback. You will learn your strengths and weaknesses.
Reviews with photos
7 times better than without the photos
A few attached photos greatly increase the credibility of marketplaces and potential shoppers to your listing.
Reviews with photos
7 times better than without the photos
A few attached photos greatly increase the credibility of marketplaces and potential shoppers to your listing.
Video reviews
12 times better than reviews without video
With today's competition, your listings are bound to have video reviews. A well-produced video by a real customer will raise the conversion rate many times over.

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Dominate the competition by getting access to the largest community of product testers that love to leave high-quality reviews.


Climb the organic search ranks!

Marketplace algorithm ranks products on price, volume, velocity, and reviews – and our method boosts all of these!
The combination of keyword search, purchase, and feedback ensures you’ll get a triple-boost to your visibility.


Get honest compliant reviews

Our Product Testers receive your product, test it, and then leave their honest comments on it, usually via product reviews (95%).
This approach fully complies with marketplaces submission guidelines, and prevents any risk to your product.

We have helped hundreds of brands rise to the top of marketplaces and increase their profits

Why It Works

Keyword & Page Ranking

The marketplace algorithm ranks products on price, volume, velocity, and social proof (reviews). Our system helps you boost all of these. We have our testers target a keyword of your choice, purchase at full price, and leave their honest thoughts on it, usually via reviews. This will boost your keyword and page ranking.

Marketplaces (Amazon, Flipkart, etc.) have made it clear that they don’t want sellers buying reviews. There are no restrictions, however, on receiving product “feedback,” an important difference. Thus, our method of having consumers test your product and leave feedback on it, fully complies with marketplaces guidelines.

Customer Choice

Statistics show that 82 % of users choose products with high ratings and positive reviews. Reviews are a kind of assurance for the customers that they are looking at the right products and whether they should consider buying them or not. So, they have a significant contribution in increasing the conversion rates and performance of your ads.


Why do I need your service?
Reviews and ratings are a new-age marketing tool, and the best part is that it is absolutely user-generated. Our service will fully organize the testing of your products by your target audience, allowing your listings to reach the top of the marketplace easily and without unnecessary advertising expenses.
Who do you usually work with?
We work with product development teams and marketing departments. Most often our clients are new, unknown brands looking to enter the market, or large companies launching a new product line.
What information do you provide about the focus group participants?
We can find you an audience by gender, age, place of residence, preferences, marital status, hobbies, food preferences and interests.
Am I just buying automatic product reviews?
No, you are not buying automatic reviews. This would violate the guidelines of marketplaces. You get feedback from real customers. Consumers who are shopping online rely on product feedback to make informed purchase decisions. Thus, we encourage our network to provide their opinions to help other consumers. Our product testers have a great track record of providing high-quality feedback.

What is the minimum order for a test? How long does testing take?
20 tests is the minimum order for 1 SKU. Testing takes less than 1 month.

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