Produce better products and sell 5x more
with the feedback from real customers
The smartest product testing solution for E-commerce brands
Good Goods provides extensive reviews from real customers to e-commerce brands
Using our service, brands can quickly and easily
Increase conversions by
Reach the top of the marketplaces
Get unique customer feeedback about the product
Build consumer confidence in brand
Improve SEO
Boost sales
Capture insights
Increase Trust
We want to know more about your needs:
How do you promote your products now and how much does it cost?

What do you know about Product Reviews, and how do you get it now?

What is the cost of the reviews you are getting?

How many products would you like to promote?
The main "Problem factors" affecting the sales pipeline
Which of these are you already monitoring?
Products should be searched by target requests.
For example: "Lavender-scented shower soap"
Grow positions by target requests
Grow positions by the product rating
The total number of reviews of the product affects the position in search results.
Grow positions by number of reviews
How to improve SEO and influence Ranking factors:
Social Proof is the tendency of people to choose products that have already been praised and approved by others.
Use Social Proof
How to build Brand Credibility and win
the love of consumers:
Get User-Generated Content
People are more likely to trust a product if they see that other buyers have done text, photo and video reviews and other content on it.
5 Key market problems
New products have no reviews and don't sell
No trust and credibility for the brand
Low conversions rates and poor sales
No knowledge of the pros and cons of the product
No knowledge of the target audience
No knowledge of the target audience
How we solve this problem?
50 tests — the minimum order for a target audience analysis.
of consumers think brands should show a deeper understanding of their needs.
wrong audience
= no sales
ready-made target audience groups that you can choose from
flexible audience selection filters customized for your needs
No knowledge of the pros and cons of the product
50 tests — the minimum order for a target audience analysis.
How we solve this problem?
Of the products are not of interest to customers, there is no point in developing it.
No knowledge of the product
= incorrect positioning
Extensive report with answers and insights about the product
Detailed questions about the product that we ask in our survey
Days before first results
Product Test report in Client's cabinet
Low conversions and poor sales
How we solve this problem?
first marketplace search search results pages sell the majority of products
No advertising
= no sales
— the working model that only we use in this market
first reviews increase conversion rate by
Reviews get blocked on the marketplaces
— Our conversion of left review into a published review
How we solve this problem?
reviews on average pass moderation and get published on marketplaces
Marketplace users who are verified in our service and leave real feedback
Reviews left by bot
= blocking
New products have no reviews and don't sell
How we solve this problem?
new products are not visible to users of marketplaces and do not appear in search results
No reviews or ratings
= no sales
first reviews increase conversion rate by
days to get the first feedback from our users
Extensive feedback and an increased ranking on the marketplace due to customer reviews.
How does it work?
The testers of our service buy the product and start
In-Home testing.
Get a personal manager and account to keep track of the results.
You register in
Good Goods
We organize a "turnkey" testing process
After 1-2 weeks,
you receive first results
How does it work?
This is Anika.
She is an active user of marketplaces.
She signed up for our service and filled out a detailed form about herself. Our algorithms assigned her to the target group.
Now she receives products for the test. After the testing stage, she fills out a detailed form about her experience and writes reviews on products on marketplaces.
Competitive advantage:
Our reviews are 10 times more effective compared to our competitors
Reviews with videos
Reviews with photos
Extensive detailed reviews
better than without
better than without
better than short ones
Good Goods reviews
Competitor reviews
What you get with our service
Increasing the credibility of your brand
Growth of positions by target requests
Quality reviews that increase conversions by
Photo and video content about the product
Extensive feedback from real consumers
What brands say about us
"The cooperation with Good Goods India has absolutely fulfilled our expectations. A manager helped us every step of the way and any questions were quickly resolved. The main quality of the service that we can highlight is proactiveness.
We have really seen results in sales growth, so we will be recommending Good Goods service to other brands."
1 product test
(if product costs less than 500 INR)
1 product test
(if product costs more than 500 INR)
+ the cost of goods that will be sent to the testers
To apply for our service
Send us a list of products that you would like to test and we will calculate how many tests per product should be done.

We calculate the data taking into account competitors that already exist in your category.
Phone: +911 171 816 605
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