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Our team made this questionnaire to learn more about your experience with our service. Send us all your thoughts, we welcome detailed answers!

For passing this survey you will get 20 GG points in the GG Brand Advocates program! Are you ready? Lets start!
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1. How often do you use Marketplaces(Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra etc.)?

2. Which Marketplace do you use most often?

3. Do you face any problems when ordering products on the Marketplaces? Which ones?
If there is no problem, skip this question

4. When ordering from Amazon and Flipkart, do you use the Website or App?

5. How often do you use Telegram?

6. Is it comfortable using our Bot on the Telegram platform?

7. Do you turn off notifications of our Bot?

8. Would you like to receive offers from our service by Email?

9. Is there anything you personally don't like about our service? What is it?
If you like everything about our service, write it in the box

10. What do you like most about our service?

11. Did you face any difficulties during registration in our Bot?

12. Are the rules for using the service described clearly?

13. Is there enough information in the Knowledge Base to successfully use the service?

14. What is the first thing you pay attention to when choosing an offer for testing?

15. Do you have any doubts/fear at the point where you need to order and pay for the product yourself?

16. If you have a fear of being scammed, what would help you to have more trust in our service and product ordering step?

17. In your opinion, is 2 hours after booking a product enough to find it on the marketplace and order it?

18. If you ever booked a product, and you had a cancellation of booking due to timing (didn't order a product during 2 hours), why did this happen?

19. Which step in the testing process did you find the most difficult?

20. If you have not yet taken products for testing in our service, tell us why?
If you have already tested the products, skip the question

21. How do you feel about testing products from the Pharmacy category (nutritional supplements and vitamins)?

22. Tell us about your wishes in the product range, what products you would like to see in our service?

23. How quickly and effectively do managers answer your questions in the bot?

24. Would you be ready to share your impressions about us in your social media accounts?

25. Your suggestions for improving the service: