How to write a quality review on a marketplace?
If your experience with the product was positive, you need to share your impressions on the marketplace. It is important to us and the brands that the reviews you leave are informative and useful for potential buyers.

Here are a few tips to guide you on how to make your review substantive and helpful.
Please follow these tips when leaving your feedback on the marketplace.

1. Write detailed reviews

One of the things that qualify your review as a great one, is your ability to describe the product, its features, and its functional capacity fully and appropriately as a show of understanding of the product and its usefulness. Your review should be informative, describing not just one, but several aspects of the product at once. Describe all your insights and honest impressions related to the product, from the beginning of its use to the results.

2. Fill feedback with specifics

The key request when reading reviews is to understand if the product is right for me. That's why it's important to write about specific characteristics. The comment can be focused on the appearance of the product, on the feeling of using it, or on its features. It is important to give the potential buyers information about the product that they can not read in the description.

3. Make sure your reviews are error-free

Writing a review isn’t just about muddling words on a space made available for it. It is necessary to be able to pass a message across to other users clearly and concisely, using the appropriate language and without grammatical errors.

4. Complete your review with photo and/or video content

It's important to have visual content in your reviews. Images allow potential buyers to visually connect with the product and visualize how the item will fit into their own life. Therefore, to create a good review, it is very important to take a photo/video of the product in your home or in the process of using it.

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