How to test products at home?
In-Home Testing. The very name of this type of test implies its basic idea.
The goal of the test is for the respondent to try to use the product under test in their usual living conditions. The furnishing of the research participant's home, the presence of his or her family, are all important factors in influencing the testing process. Under such conditions, all the qualities of the product are fully manifested (e.g.: convenience, safety of its use).

Here we want to give you some tips on how to make your home testing as effective as possible

1. Pay attention to all emotions associated with the product, from first impressions to getting results.

A product can cause us to have different impressions throughout the entire testing process. You need to keep track of how you feel from the very first step of receiving the product. Think about what your impressions were of the packaging, the appearance, whether it felt good to hold it in your hands. And then move on to the stage of using it and also observe which new impressions appear to you, and which probably change in comparison with the beginning of testing.

2. Use the product the way you use it in your everyday life.

The greatest value of home testing is that you can tell what the product is like in your home use. So the main thing in such testing is to try to use the product exactly as you would use it in your everyday life - with the same regularity, at the same time, in the same environment, with the same surroundings. This way, you will give the seller the most useful and informative feedback about his product.

3. Take pictures/video while you use the product.

In the process of testing, take photos/videos of how the product performs in use, of any specific things. For the seller, this will clearly show the pros and cons of the product that you want to convey in your feedback.

4. You are buying the product - observe how you feel when you buy it for a given price.

One of the stages of testing involves you buying the product yourself. This process is very important, because this way you can trace your emotions from buying the product and using it. Try to track how you feel - do you think you bought the product at a fair price, or do you get the feeling after using it that it could have cost less/more.

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