Hi! We are happy to welcome you to our Good Goods community of testers.

In this knowledge base, you'll find all the information you need to perform successful product testing and fill out feedback to help hundreds of brands improve their products every day.
Good Goods is a product testing service.
Our platform gives you the opportunity to become a tester of products and get goods at a discount or for free in exchange for your honest opinion.

Each of us can change the quality of consumer products through the
power of our voice.
Good Goods testers are active users of marketplaces.
Our community consists of thousands of people who regularly order on Amazon, Flipkart and other online platforms and are interested in getting the opportunity to test new products and share their opinion about it.

For some it's a fun process, for others it's a chance to get goods for free or with partial cashback, but for everyone it's a chance to
influence the development of consumer products and to be heard.
It's important for every tester to know that they are taking part in a big process of improving the quality of the products we all consume.

Also, our Goodies are happy to share their impressions about Good Goods!
You can see them here : Good Goods Tester Feedback

First, you need to go through the questionnaire inside the bot and fill out the categories of goods you want to get for the test so we know what to offer you.
Sign up in the Good Goods bot
We will send you offers with products available for testing. If you like the product - you place an order on the marketplace according to our instructions and confirm your order.
Order a product for the test
You get delivery of the product, send us a photo of it, and start testing it and observing your experience.
Get the product and start testing
After a few days, you get a survey about the product, which you have to fill out. If you like the product in use, you leave your review on the marketplace.
Fill out a survey and leave a review
After we receive your review and feedback, we ask you for your payment details to refund the cashback for the product. It reaches you within 1-3 business days after we check your review.
Receive cashback for the product
We are always in touch with our testers.
The process of product testing takes place in the online bot and is curated by our managers. Here, in a brief demo, we show you how to use our
Good Goods product testing bot.
How to write an extensive feedback about a product?
How to order the products for test on marketplaces?
How to test products at home?
What is the mission of Good Goods testers?

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