And so our little course is coming to a final.

Lastly, we would like to tell you about some important rules that every tester must follow. Failure to follow these rules can lead to blocking in our system, so please pay attention to it.

❗️ Only 1 product can be tested at a time. A new product can be taken for testing immediately after the previous product has been tested;

❗️ A product can only be reserved for you if you are ready to order it;

❗️ Order a product only when we have confirmed your reservation;

❗️ Ordering a product should be carried out strictly according to the instructions we provide. If you are not sure about any step, you can ask questions to the manager in the chat;

❗️ At the end of testing, you fill out a questionnaire in which you share your positive or negative experience from using the product. It is necessary to leave a review about the product on the website only if it was positive.

❗️ It is FORBIDDEN to cancel orders that you already placed. This action will result in a lowering of your user rating and blocking in the service, with the inability to order new items for several weeks. We kindly ask you, if you have already ordered the product for the test, ignore the new offers until your test is completed;

❗️ It is FORBIDDEN to return products back to seller after the test is completed. You should keep the product that you got for a test.
Is everything clear in this lesson?
It looks like it's time for the final test!