2.What is the mission
of Good Goods testers?
You would think, what could be easier than the concept of getting the product and leaving a review?
But it's more interesting - behind such a seemingly simple concept is an important mission that every Good Goods tester pursues.

That mission is to contribute to improving the quality of consumer products every day.

Marketplaces today are complicated. New suppliers, regulations and products are booming every day and everywhere. Online stores are overflowing with products, and increasingly, the quantity of products is exceeding their quality.
With such competition, sellers began to think more and more often that only quality goods, which satisfies consumers, can take a strong position on the market. In order to find out everything they need to create a good product, they give their goods away for testing.

This is where you step in!
With you, brands get the opportunity to connect with their customers, understand the strengths and weaknesses of their products and make them better based on customer needs!

Just imagine, it is you who can influence the development of brands and take part in the improvement of consumer products. Because your opinion matters!
This way, step by step we change the consumer goods market, making more and more sellers of bad products leave the market or change their products for the better.

What's more, your reviews on marketplaces have major power for customers as well: with one click, you can send your opinion to the world. Every potential customer will see your review and can be guided by it when making a decision.
You'll agree that having and voicing your opinion is an ability that allows you to manage the quality of your life.
And we're happy to help you do it.
Is everything clear in this lesson?