1.What is Goods Goods and
´╗┐Community of Testers?
Good Goods is a product testing service.

Our platform gives you the opportunity to become a tester of products and get goods at more than 70% discount or for free in exchange for your honest opinion.

How does it work?

Brands and producers of goods on marketplaces are interested in their sales growing, and products becoming better. Great competition constantly pushes them to improve their product and increase its position in the ranking.

To do this, they need testers - people who will receive the product, use it, leave reviews and fill out a feedback form. Products from a variety of categories can be offered for testing in our service - from food and cosmetics to clothing and electronics!

Our bot, created specifically for testers, sends you offers of goods for the test, selected specifically for you.

If you are ready to try out the product, you order it on the marketplace, use it, write a review and your impressions of it and, most importantly, keep the product for yourself.
The cost of the goods is returned to the tester as 70-100% cashback immediately after the completion of testing.

The only thing that is needed is your honest opinion about it!

Each of us can change the quality of consumer products through the power of our voice.
Community of testers
Good Goods testers are active users of marketplaces (e-commerce platforms).

Our community consists of thousands of people who regularly order on Amazon, Flipkart and other online platforms and are interested in getting the opportunity to test new products and share their opinion about it.

For some it's a fun process, for others it's a chance to get goods for free or with partial cashback, but for everyone it's a chance to influence the development of consumer products and to be heard.

It's important for every tester to know that you are taking part in a big process of improving the quality of the products we all consume.
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