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Why do sellers and brands give away products for free?
The large range of products on marketplaces encourages sellers to look for ways to improve their products. They are interested in getting as much honest feedback from customers as possible.

To do this, they are willing to trade their goods for the most valuable resource - your time! After all, you, as a tester, are offered to invest your time in the process of using the product, as well as filling out feedback forms on the results of testing.

Thus, between you and the seller there is an exchange - he gets your feedback, which will help to increase sales, and you get 100% cashback, keeping the product.
This is a way for the seller to raise the rating of the product, and for you to get the product for free.
Where are the guarantees that I will get my cashback?
Our service GoodGoods exists precisely to make the testing process as safe as possible for you and to ensure that you receive your money back after the test is completed.

We sign a contract with the seller and pledge the full amount of the test fee.
If the seller does not refund the cost to the tester, we guarantee a refund on our part.

Thus, we provide full assistance in the process of refunding you as soon as we receive your feedback on the product.
That is why it is completely safe for you to work through our service.
How soon will I get my money back after writing a product review?
After completing testing and submitting a product review, your money will be refunded to the card number you specify within 1-3 business days.
Will I get a refund if my review is removed?
Yes, the money for the product will be refunded, even if your review is deleted.
How long do I have to test a product before leaving a review?
You can leave a review of the product after 3 days of testing at the earliest.
Am I allowed to test more than one product at the same time?
Only 1 product can be tested at a time. New items will be offered to you for testing as soon as you complete the previous one.
Do I have to write a review if I didn't like the product?
If your experience with the product has been negative, you need to write it in our feedback form. We will send your feedback to the brand to improve product quality.
What should I do if I have trouble finding a product in an online store?
It is very important to search for items strictly according to the instructions we give. In the offers we specify the name of the brand/vendor, articles, product photos or alternative methods of finding the product.

If you are unable to find an item according to these criteria, you can ask for support from our chat managers.
Can I cancel my order if I changed my mind?
According to the rules of our service, you can not cancel an order that has already been placed. In case of refusal of an ordered product, we are forced to limit the user from using our service for a long time.