Product testing service.
The best goods start with consumer insights

Our research provides the simplest, most
in-depth way to understand your consumers’ needs, attitudes, and pain points so you can bring exceptional products to market.
Using our service, brands get custom product or market concept insights delivered in ~3 weeks
We want to know more about your needs:
1.What do you want to research (product, price, concept, innovation, etc.)?

2.How many products do you want to test?

3.What do you want to learn from the research?

4.In what time frame do you want to receive the results of the research?
  1. Concept Testing. Validate & refine your ideas before you go to market.
  2. Price Testing. Understand a true willingness to pay of your cistomers.
  3. Innovation Ideas. Uncover the hidden product needs of your target customer.
  4. In-Home Usage Testing (IHUT). Learn how a particular product or group of products is used by potential customers in the home.

Our Solutions
1.Custom Research Design. Based on your goals, we’ll develop a concept study custom to your needs – including questionnaire writing.

What you get in our service
2.Best-In-Class Execution. We’ll handle it all. From survey programming , to coordinating the collection of data from your target consumers, you can count on us to deliver on-time and on-budget.

3.Clear Insights & Takeaways. We clean and mine your data and turn around thoughtful, custom reporting developed by experts.

Now she receives products for the test.
After the testing stage, she fills out a detailed form about her experience and if necessary, writes her honest review on online platforms.
She signed up for our service and filled out a detailed form about herself. Our algorithms assigned her to the target group.
This is Anika.
She in In-Home product tester.
How does it work?
Within two weeks, Leo received the results of 50 tests on his product. As a result of the research, he understood the strengths and weaknesses of the new product and built a plan to improve it before launching it on the market.
He left a request in Good Goods service.
Now he can choose a target audience for his brand and submit products for testing. Together with our team, he is developing a questionnaire for testers.
This is Leo.
He needs to test the concept of a new product that his brand launches on the market.
How does it work?
  1. You leave a request, and we proceed to organize testing of your product according to your needs.
  2. We select the target audience for your product and develop a customized questionnaire for your research.
  3. We send an offer to the selected category of testers.
  4. Our testers receive the product and begin testing.
  5. You receive a detailed report on the testers' experience with your product.
  6. If required, testers can also leave their feedback on your online platforms.
Testing your product in 6 steps
1.We make product concept testing possible for companies of all sizes.
No company should have to make the tradeoff between efficiency and quality in product research. We believe a custom approach to data-driven product development should be accessible for companies of all sizes.
What is our competitive advantage?

3.Our research is powered by relationships.
We work in tandem with you every step of the way- using our 100% custom approach, we dig deep to ask relevant questions and uncover insights you can act on.

2.Rigorous research does not have to be complex. Our goal is to give companies confidence in their survey methodology while making the research more understandable, useful, and relevant.
1 product test - 500 INR
Minimum number of tests - 50
Why do we charge a fee for testing each product and what service do we provide for it?

Our service takes a fee for our part of work, which is the complete organization of product testing. Our commission is taken for each product because we control each individual test. This includes selecting the target audience, verifying the testers, controlling the ordering of the product, dealing with all the testers' questions, checking that they leave feedback and fill out survey.
To apply for our service
Send us a description of the product you want to test, your target request and what results you want to get from the testing.

Our experts will determine the type of testing you need, and together with you, we will start to develop timelines and goals.
Phone: +911 171 816 605
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