Product Content:
6 steps to win a customer
E-commerce business is not as easy as it used to be. Customers have so many choices that companies struggle to stand out from the competition, and consumers struggle to find a brand they can trust. Success requires a combination of several elements, the most important of which is compelling and optimized product content.

The best product content is complete, informative product descriptions that also include quality visuals and customer reviews.

Product content is essential to a successful marketplace business because it helps your brand become more visible among others, share the information consumers need to make a purchase decision, and therefore increase sales.

In fact, NNG Group found that 20% of purchases fail due to incomplete and unclear product information. According to them, “leaving shoppers’ questions unanswered can derail a sale or even worse, make shoppers abandon the purchase.”

Thus, in the competition between sellers, the one who stakes on content wins.

In this article, we will share with you tips on how to make your product eye-catching to potential buyers and attract the most attention to it.

Work on your listings
Without too much exaggeration, we want to assure you that products on the marketplace must have perfect listings. Creating them is a time-consuming task. You have to provide as much information as possible in a form that is convenient and attractive to users.

For the user of the marketplace to take the decision to buy your product, he must fall in love with it.

It is not enough to copy the name and enter the characteristics of the product. There must be a high-quality photo that is "hard to take your eyes off". Text and video should reinforce and amplify the first impression. And reviews and feedback from the seller — to finally encourage the purchase.

In 2021, a big marketplace conducted a study that showed how content in a listing affects conversion rates.
Looking at these results, there's no doubt that content plays a key role in sales conversions.
We can identify the 6 main components of an attractive listing on the marketplace:

  • Images
  • Text description
  • Videos
  • Characteristics
  • Reviews
  • Feedback

Let's take a look at each of them.


Optimized images are essential for customers to know exactly what they are getting in an online product. After all, they can’t pick up the product or open the box before they buy it. That's why it's best to order the creation of images for products from a professional.

Professional "tricks" for product images:

  • Pictures from different angles — potential buyers should see the product from all sides (as if to twist it in their hands).
  • Close-ups of small details — emphasis on unique features, original design.
  • Background and related items — it is better to show the product in the environment where it is usually used (kettle — in the kitchen, a dress — on the model).
  • Emotional — photos should evoke an emotion (this is achieved through a literate color combination, light play, and highlights).
Marketplaces have special requirements for images — this should be taken into account when organizing a photo shoot.

Product Descriptions
All product pages include titles and product descriptions. But there are ways to optimize these areas that can make them more powerful. For example, product titles on marketplaces should include the brand, product name, keywords, category, and use cases.

Similarly, product descriptions should be supercharged with good sales copywriting.
It should be original — written specifically for a particular product.

Signs of quality product descriptions:

  • Optimal text length — the essence should be expressed succinctly, in 500-800 characters.
  • Keywords — you should use keywords related to the product. They allow customers to search for products on the marketplace, and your products will appear in search results more often.
  • Useful information — the text should only focus on the product, with interesting facts and specifics.
  • Literacy — no errors allowed.
  • Readability — descriptions should be easy to read due to competent structuring and absence of complex turns.


You can accomplish a lot with a short, targeted video.

You can assuage concerns by showing how to assemble the product or how to use certain features. Videos can also help customers get an idea of the size and usage of a product to see if they need it. In addition, they can highlight features that aren't easily seen in photos, show users how the product works, and give examples of use. All of this also helps increase conversion rates.

According to Animoto, 73% of shoppers are more likely to make a purchase after seeing a product video.


Having current and complete characteristics is important for every item you sell. While many specifications for a laptop or hand-held tool are widely available, many sellers do not include adequate specifications for other items, from clothing to cosmetics to decor. After all, we've all seen the "failures" of online retailers when disappointed customers display items that don't meet their expectations.

Some marketplaces have both mandatory and "optional" specification fields. You need to make sure that all mandatory fields are filled out properly, but don't discount the optional ones either! Many of them can help improve the searchability of your products.
For example, keywords can help a fashion company sell cardigans by listing them as "cardigans" and "sweaters" for search buyers.

Marketplaces can also fill in comparison tables between similar products, and it's no good when buyers have blank spots when they look at your competitors.


Many people check reviews before purchasing a product.

One study found that the conversion rate for a product with just five reviews improves by 270% over a product with zero reviews.

That means you should prioritize collecting reviews for new products right away. Another benefit of reviews is that they enhance the SEO of your product page.

Review content is unique and relevant, and that means search engines will have more ideas and phrases to index around your product.


Many marketplaces allow buyers to ask questions about a product.
It is important to respond to them in a timely manner and provide informative answers.

Quick and high-quality feedback is an indicator of well-organized work and a demonstration of care for customers.
And it is also an opportunity to improve the content in the listing: the requested information should be added to the description and characteristics.

Product content is a powerful tool that can massively make your business successful on the marketplaces. If you want to be successful and become a leader in your industry, perfect product content will make your brand visible and attractive to consumers.

But while you can do the visual and textual content yourself, user-generated content is a bigger challenge. If you want to get more feedback on your products and content made by your real customers but don't know where to start — Good Goods is the best-proven solution for your problem.

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