In-Home Usage Testing
— the best way to get to know your product, and here's why

The methods of product research have seen drastic changes over the past couple of years. Methods providing brands and manufacturers with the most reliable and exhaustive information on the product and its qualities have started to come to the fore. IHUT has become one of such methods that are growing popular.

An In-Home Usage Test (IHUT) is a type of marketing research where products are provided to consumers for use in their homes, in the way they would commonly use them.

This method differs from that when participants are engaged in a special center to try out a product and then react to it in an environment that may mimic a typical house, but which is not exactly the same as their own.

Our experience of working with different products using the IHUT method has shown that its pros go far beyond specialized center-hosted testing.
Let's have a look at why this particular testing technology is more efficient than others offered for many product categories.

Wide geographic footprint

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about testing a product by consumers? Probably a group of people gathered in a specially rented facility and given samples of goods, being asked to use them on the spot, and share their feelings on that.

But today, trying to gather respondents in one place at the appointed time is not required.
You can reach your target customers where they are.

Do you need a mom of three who resides in Mumbai and buys only organic products?
No problem with that.
Or an active middle-aged travel-crazed man fond of dancing? You'll find him.

Using the IHUT method, your product reaches the audience you need, wherever it may be, allowing you to take testing with greater detail and depth.

Understanding the natural experience of consumption
If you want to know what your consumers really think, you need to know how they live and what they do.

When using IHUT, the consumer finds himself in a specific situation, uses the product the way he usually does, whom he usually does it with, in his daily life context.

Testing at home provides for evaluating the product at the natural moment of consumption, making it possible to get an idea of the consumer experience at the time it occurs.

IHUT is suitable for most product categories at any stage of development

Testing at home is a flexible and easily adjustable approach that can be adapted to specific study requirements.

Are you just developing your product and want to test out its concept? Or maybe you need a comparative analysis or a complete study of the product line? No matter what you need, you can quickly and easily get access to real consumers.

Most categories of goods are suitable for this type of testing — from food and beverages to cosmetics and household goods.

IHUT organization does not eat up the budget

Tend to think that sending a product and getting feedback from each of your target customers will cost insanely expensive? Not at all!

Reliable partners helping with logistics and feedback collection make IHUT more accessible, simplified, and ready-to-use than ever before. You can perform your research at the same or even lower prices than focus group studies, which require a set of respondents, premise rental, and testing arrangement.

IHUT doesn't take up much time

IHUT is not the slow process it used to be. You can start and complete your project in a short run.

Using our service, you'll receive feedback reports from customers within a few weeks after the start of the study. We have made sure that an efficient IHUT can be arranged even within a few days instead of weeks or even months!

IHUT features a number of pros that make this method one of the most effective ways to research the product and the target audience. This method has proven an excellent alternative to modern research approaches.

As the IHUT benefits are getting more obvious, we believe it will become a key foundation for product research approaches further on. Our Good Goods team majors in IHUT testing of products and is willing to work with you to bring in everything in line with your preferences.

We can work with you on elaborating individual deadlines, specific instructions for use, personalized data collection, and much more.

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