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Prepare the product and fill out the form

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We select a focus group for testing

Ask users questions about the product and get detailed answers.

the target audience, even if it is a happy father of two, does not smoke, but likes sauna and beer


We organize delivery of your product

We deliver goods to participants or make a purchase ourselves and evaluate the service of the store.


Get a detailed testing report

You will receive detailed participant questionnaires and their reviews.


Why do you need our service?
We help brands get fast and detailed feedback about their product. Our users fill out a detailed questionnaire and write in-depth feedback. We provide you with a full report of the user experience.
Who do we usually work with?
We work with product development teams and marketing departments. Most often our clients are new, unknown brands looking to enter the market, or large companies launching a new product line.
What information do we provide about the focus group participants?
We can find you an audience by gender, age, place of residence, preferences, marital status, hobbies, food preferences and interests.
What products are most often submitted for testing?
Usually these are simple goods that participants can use for personal purposes. Everything that we use at home, we can take for a test. You can test not only your product, but also a competitor's, understanding its advantages and disadvantages.

The most popular products for testing are:
Food and drinks, home and fabric care, cosmetics, pet care, etc.

Products we will not take for testing:
Tobacco products

What is the minimum order for a test? How long does testing take?
20 tests is the minimum order for 1 SKU. Testing takes less than 1 month.
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